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Catalina Electric Bike Rentals

Catalina Island Electric Bike Rentals are offered by Tours on Catalina Island.  Ride with ease at your own pace.

Single RidersCatalina Electric Bike Rentals
Ride throughout the City of Avalon on Catalina Island with electric assistance on one of our Electric Bikes.  Why struggle up hills, when you need not.  Our bikes with their electric motors make the hilly terrain enjoyable instead of a strain.  Cruise along on the flats with the ease of speed.  You are on vacation, why not enjoy the ride.  We will give you full instruction and a map of the area so you can enjoy every minute of your ride.

Bikes are available to rent for 2 hours.  You can rent 2, 3 or 4 bikes (dependent on availability).  Check availability by date and time and reserve your bikes on line to insure they will be available when you want them,

How it works: jet ski and electric bike office
Pickup your Electric Bikes at our “Electric Bike and Jet Ski office at 101 Pebbly Beach Rd” as show on the map 15 minutes prior to your reserved time.   After a brief instruction period, you will be on your way to explore Avalon.  Don't forget your camera!

2 Hr. Electric Bike Rental is $40.00 ea. (There is a 2 bike minimum to book on line)
All taxes and fees are included
No riders under age 18
One rider per bike.
Minimum height requirement is 5 ft.2 in.
Maximum weight is 240 lbs.

Operating Hours
Operating Hours vary by season and date. Check Availability for exact times

Schedule and Pricing:
Price includes all applicable Taxes and fees.
Departure Times:  Latest available is 3:00 PM (Mon. - Fri.) and 4:00 PM (Sat. & Sun During the Summer)
Availability of last rental time varies by season.  Check Booking Calender for Date & Time
When Booking or Checking  Reservation availability you choose the date and time.

Additional Info
Disclaimer: No one with health issues including but not limited to, High Blood Pressure, Heart Condition, Back and Neck problems, Pregnancy and Vertigo may ride the Electric Bikes.  No one under the influence of Alcohol or other impairing substance will be permitted to ride the Electric Bikes.  Our staff reserves the right to refuse service to impaired individuals and those they deem not fit to ride. 

Prepaid reservations will not be refunded if customer is turned away due to being under the influence.  No Show reservations will not be refunded


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