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Catalina’s Jet Ski (Waverunners)

Catalina’s Jet Ski (Waverunner) rentals  is offered by Tours on Catalina Island.  Feel the speed!

Jet Ski (Waverunner)
Single or Double Riders

Overview: Catalina Jet Ski - wave runner
The Waverunners operate from the “Jet Ski Barge” anchored offshore from the island.  We provide transportation to the barge with the harbor shore boats.   There is approximately ten square miles of ocean for your enjoyment.  You can ride single or double during your hour ride.  You can switch off riders at the Jet Ski Barge. We supply all equipment and instruction. Children 5 to 15 may ride as passengers only, with an adult. Sixteen and Seventeen year olds may operate the waverunner if their legal guardian rides with them.  Eighteen year old and older persons may operate waverunners without restrictions.

What to bring and wear:
You are going to get wet on this one, so wear your bathing suit, bring a towel, and sunscreen.

How it works:jet ski and electric bike office
You will check in at our “Jet Ski/Electric Bike Office at 101 Pebbly Beach Rd” as show on the map 15 minutes prior to your reserved time.  You will be added a group of any other customers reserved at the same time and directed to the shore boat with a group voucher for you short trip to the “Jet Ski Barge.”  Upon reached the barge you will be fitted with a life vest and instructed on the operation and safety issues of your watercraft / waverunner.   Your 1 hour time will commence once you take off with your waverunner.   You may return to the barge during your hour to switch riders if you wish.  At the end of your hour you retuned to the barge and your group will be picked up by the shore boat and returned to the Green Pleasure Pier

Single Waverunner Rental is $144.00 per hr.
1 or 2 Riders Only
All taxes and fees are included in pricing

Operating Hours
Operating Hours vary by season and date. Check Availability for exact times

Additional Info:
Disclaimer: No one with health issues including but not limited to, High Blood Pressure, Heart Condition, Back and Neck problems, Pregnancy and Vertigo may ride the Waverunners.  No one under the influence of Alcohol or other impairing substance will be permitted to ride the Waverunners.  Our staff reserves the right to refuse service to impaired individuals and those they deem not fit to ride. 

Prepaid reservations will not be refunded if customer is turned away due to being under the influence.  No Show reservations will not be refunded.


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