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Catalina Ghost Tours

Catalina Ghost Tours

Our tours are perfect for those seeking to undertake a new and perhaps, a more in depth understanding of the unseen world. We have designed our curriculum to exceed expectations, and to teach our paranormal tour participants how to keep their experiences positive.

  • Catalina Ghost Tours are actual, professional paranormal investigations into ghostly manifestations.
  • We explore legends, and folklore of actual active areas, with sometimes spooky results.
  • No two tours are exactly alike, stops and content are at the discretion of the spirits we may encounter
  • Historically accurate tours, each are an actual paranormal investigation in its own right.
  • No gimmicks or Halloween hijinks or antics.

We are experienced paranormal investigators, because we deal with REAL SPIRITS we can’t make them appear on demand. We will be exploring historic, and current phenomena, routinely encountered by Avalon residents, and even our own tour participants.  Specialized, cutting edge, equipment as used on A&E, Travel Channel, Bravo, the History Channel, etc. is used on our tours. This can produce dark and macabre results far more often than imagined.  Learn to use paranormal equipment and become official ghost investigators.

Each participant is encouraged to bring their own ghost hunting equipment, as we explore the paranormal.


Daily Ghost Tours

Are you ready to believe in Ghosts? Chase things that go bump in the night? Will you be the next participant of our tour to have an experience with a Catalina spirit in its chosen haunt? Believer, Skeptic, or just curious “in-Betweener”, ghost tours just not your “cup of tea, WRONG! Catalina Ghost Tours are an entertaining lesson in local history.   Each guest will be required to sign a waiver, which may be downloaded from or waiver page or you may receive one at the start of the tour

All of our tours are walking tours, as walking is the only way to traverse the areas in Avalon that the tours must access, however, the tours are conducted at a very leisurely pace and are Wheelchair Accessible.

Afternoon Tour
Geared toward younger enthusiasts, but fun for all. Explore the supernatural among the ghosts and legends of Avalon.   Hear the stories of haunted Avalon, while standing in the very places the haunting took place.   Remember, it does not have to be dark for spiritual activity.

Time: Afternoon Tour begins at 2:00 PM promptly. Be at the starting location by 1:45 PM. The spirits wait for no one!

Evening Ghost Tour
Designed for everyone to enjoy, regardless of age.  Catalina is famously family friendly.  If you are going to take a ghost tour on Catalina and you have children along, this tour is the one you want. An entertaining and educational evening in haunted Catalina.  No made up or embellished stories. We ensure only the facts are given. Ghost tour and history 101.  Enjoy lighter fare suitable for young children.

Time: Evening Ghost Tour begins at 7:00 PM promptly.  Be at the starting location by 6:45 PM.  The spirits wait for no one!

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Nightly Ghost Hunt
Avalon is a haunted city. It bears the residues of Native American Spirituality, pirates, Spanish explorers and early settlers.
Mysterious energy is reported and the best psychic hours are from 9 pm to 6 am.  All this makes for a mesmerizing time and gives a sense of why Avalon is magic.  You will learn about Ghost Hunting using state of the art equipment.  This is a walking tour geared toward adults, and not available for children under 15.
Time: Evening Ghost Hunt begins at 9:00 PM promptly.  Be at the starting location by 8:45 PM.  The spirits wait for no one!

All Tours:canned repsonse map 403 crescent

Location: All Ghost Tours start at the Ghost Tour Office in the Shades of Catalina and Sugar Loaf Book & Video Store at 403 Crescent Ave   (See map)

Length of Tour:The daily tours are 60 to 75 minutes long depending the size and speed of the group and the paranormal activity. Distance is around town.  (approximately 1000 yds.)  Not a long hike. Minimum uphill. Wheelchair Accessible.

 The cost for each daily tour is:
$20 for adults (13 to 55)
$15 for Seniors & Kids 12 and younger. (Kids 12 not available for Nightly Ghost Hunt)

$15 for 10 or more on one booking

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